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Ready For Tomorrow



The 20-Year Old Brooklyn MC does a great job putting his lifelines between the paper’s lines. Trust me keep an eye out for this kid, he’s gonna be a problem.” – XXL Magazine

D. Julien

Hip-Hop’s Newest Vintage Soul

Can you imagine the artist whose goal is to capture a demographic ranging from the Post-Tweens to the Thirty-Somethings of Urban Music, so will rethink the idea of musical content? An artist who explores a range of music as vast as Big L, Nas and T.I. to Kings of Leon and Coldplay because of their lyricism? Or even an artist whose dream collaborations would include Kanye West and Pharrell…but only for their production and NOT for their verses? This artist does, in fact, exist…meet D. Julien.

D. Julien’s past is as critical to understanding his artistry as his present and future. Ask Julien, he’ll tell you he started rhyming at 10 years old; but his close friends will tell you that age was actually 7. The first album he listened to was a CD by Notorious B.I.G. entitled “Ready to Die”. It was that moment when Julien stumbled across the artistic medium of expression he had been seeking. For this Flatbush-bred Brooklynite, influences like B.I.G. and Jay-Z were “local artists that I didn’t see as global” because they were from his borough. With a father who was a DJ, Julien learned at a young age the importance of lyricists like Jadakiss, Nas, and Big L because “these were the artists my pops had laying around: lyrical dudes who told stories” and who were tangible to this youngster because of his locale. By age 13, he’d be cutting his teeth as a battle rapper, gaining confidence with each victory. And by 16, Julien would leave the battle circuit to embark on the journey of structuring songs and “making music.”

 “I always wanted to make music my parents could enjoy and be proud of. So my content is different cuz I’m trying to reach a different demographic.” Peruse any D. Julien mp3 after that, and you’ll find songs absent of profanity and racially-charged terms; ask Julien, and he’ll tell you that choice “enhances my situation more than hindering me. Kanye opened the lane to really be yourself for real, as opposed to being a character. That opens it up for me cuz the music becomes more personal. I’m trying to express emotions to help people connect with my content, cuz emotions are genuine.” Jettisoning the trends of popular radio and commercial-friendly raps, Julien’s first mixtape, “The Experiment” did just that: explored the idea of connecting with emotional content as opposed to the latest fads in popular hip-hop culture. Julien would utilize the catalog of artists that were pushing the envelope in the genre and taking musical risks, study artists who he considered his market competition and would heed the counsel of hip-hop veterans such as Jaz-O to complete his third and most critically acclaimed mixtape, “Live, Love, Learn.” From there, Julien found himself celebrated as Myspace Music Artist of the Week, performing in Ohio to sold-out venues and receiving praise from XXL magazine as well as Nahright, 2dopeboyz, GlobalGrind, AllHipHop and the rest of the usual suspects in the major hip-hop blogspot world.

At the young age of 20, D. Julien understands the potential opportunities he has to branch out within various facets of the entertainment industry. But with major label interest for well over a year based on his self-made buzz, musical prowess, lyricism, artistry and unorthodox content choices, Julien’s focus remains the same: expression and honesty through his music. “I’ma continue to do what I’m doin and make music I believe in. I’ll be one of the top artists in this genre. But right now I’m trying to transition from the underground to the next level…”

A young musical scholar who is a student of the past, using the classics to inform his present. The recipe for the futuristic science of spit…meet the future of hip-hop: D. Julien.

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